Každá digitalizace začíná daty. Outdooractive Business DMS – Destination Management/Marketing System je klientský webový autorský nástroj pro profesionální vytváření a údržbu turistického obsahu partnery platformy Outdooractive.

Zpracovávány jsou následující typy obsahů:

  • Výlety
  • Body zájmu
  • Ubytování
  • Chaty
  • Aktuální podmínky
  • Akce
  • Databáze médií
  • Nabídky
  • Seznamy

Outdooractive Business

Reach the right guests with our Destination Management System for the outdoor tourism industry

In an increasingly competitive environment and an outdoor tourism industry that is constantly evolving, it is critical to have the right tools in place to extend and maintain your reach to future guests and to maximise your brand’s potential.   

Outdooractive Business fulfils these core requirements by providing your business with exposure to a domestic and international online community of millions of users. It also gives you the means to constructively manage and adapt your data as and when required.

As the industry’s leading-edge data management system, Outdooractive Business’ unique features facilitate increased insight, streamlined workflows and more control over your business’ tourism content and how you interact with your guests.

Your Advantages

Reach your guests

Spread your content across the whole content-marketing network of the Outdooractive platform, for maximum reach and visibility.

Analyze your reach

Check the performance of your content through detailed statistics and reports.

Showcase your brand

Tailor your individual landing page to incentivize users to visit your destination.

Create relevant content

Create routes and POI’s that will increase focus on your destination.